Our concept clinics under the name MEDPRO will provide multi-specialty care with focus on super-specialty care such as Obesity, Endocrinology, Dermatology, Cardiology, etc. The idea behind MEDPRO is the experiential difference.

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Clinicare is our value clinic chain that provides primary and secondary level care. Based on the philosophy of ‘affordable and quality healthcare to the community’, Clinicare is poised to be the most distinctly visible wellness centers in the region.

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RX Pharmacy has been developed with the customer at heart to deliver on accessibility. RX pharmacy is a network of well-supplied, professionally manned and selectively automated Pharmacies that function as the most visible outposts of IMARA HEALTHCARE.

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"We recognize that ‘trust’ will never be successful in isolation and that our external relationships will be a major factor in our success. We are part of a larger health and social care system, which must work together to the benefit of patients and make a significant contribution to the local community."

"We will strive to reach out to people from every walk of life and do our bit to help them stay healthy. Apart from the major social initiatives and programs that IMARA Healthcare will initiate, every individual unit in the Group will do its bit for the community it serves."

A look at the Horizon

IMARA will continue to focus on delivering ‘awareness and prevention’ as the central message to the community and continue to demonstrate ways to ensure wellbeing and fitness. Workshops and contact programs will continue to bring in awa reness about primary health safety programs such as hygiene, diet, fitness and exercise.

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